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Introduction to Special Education Resource Room

Resource room is a separate setting, either a classroom or a smaller designated room, where a special education program can be delivered to a student with a disability, individually or in a small group. Resource rooms are used in a variety of ways ranging from instruction, homework assistance, meetings, or representing students' alternative social space.

Purpose of Resource Room

Resource room is both for students who qualify for special education services or for general education students who need some special instruction in an individualized or small group setting for a portion of the day. Individual needs are supported in resource rooms as defined by the student's Individual Support Plan (ISP). Students come or are pulled to the resource room for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, they come there to access the educational materials in a manner that better suits their learning styles and capabilities.

Sometimes, the regular classroom can be noisy and full of distractions, and the students come to the resource room to be better able to focus and take in the material, especially when new information is being introduced. At other times, the material taught in the general education classroom is above the student's level and the resource room serves as a more serene place where the student can go over the material at a slower pace. This heightened attention helps students focus better, be more engaged, and understand the material more easily.

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Reference:  https://ga.tcust.edu.tw/p/404-1004-31243.php?Lang=zh-tw