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Student Assistance

1.        Organize Student Affairs Committee meetings.

2.        Promote education regarding the democratic rule of law and student safety.

3.        Provide protection, earthquake evacuation, and other training to students.

4.        Evaluate student conduct.

5.        Manage lost and found items.

6.        Register and manage all student information.

7.        Lead and direct the raising and lowering of flags, assembly, and activities.

8.        Guide and assess the organization and neatness of public sites.

9.        Provide nutrition advice to students.

10.    Manage students’ leave requests.

11.    Register and tabulate student leave requests.

12.    Guide and assess student labor and other services.

13.    Offer life guidance for new students.

14.    Provide off-campus life counseling for students.

15.    Calculate students’ conduct grades according to statistics.

16.    Manage student rewards and punishment.

17.    Manage and offer guidance regarding student residency and housing.

18.    Supervise major assemblies and student attendance inspections.

19.    Implement air raid evacuation procedures and shelters.

20.    Regulate and manage student wardens’ counseling responsibilities.

21.    Provide emergency assistance and contact in the event of accidental injury or disasters.

22.    Manage student dormitory allocations.

23.    Select work-study students and manage work allocations and assessments.

24.    Supervise environmental cleanliness and maintenance.

25.    Accompany students attending external meetings.

26.    Register and manage student record cards.

27.    Contact students’ families.

28.    Promote traffic safety.

29.    Manage tasks related to life guidance and other affairs.